attaching Hair Extensions

Bonded & Pre-Bonded
Hair Extensions


Bonded Hair Extensions

Bonded Extensions are applied by taking small sections of the natural hair and adding equal amounts of human hair. These are placed under the natural hair by a bonding method leaving a seal approximately the size of a grain of rice.


Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

Pre-Bonded extensions come with the hair bonded onto the pre-bond. The pre-bond is heated and wrapped around your own hair. Pre-bonded hair sheds less and if carefully removed may be used once more, but will need some new hair applied as well. Pre-Bonded comes with a unique polymer seal at the top ready for immediate application. Each seal is colour matched and will last more than 3 months of wearing and 100 shampoos. This unique formula allows fast and easy application. Easily removed without leaving any residue on the hair.



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