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Style and care my Hair Extensions:

Can I perm my hair or use a curling iron or flat iron with my Extensions?
It’s best to perm your hair before you have you extensions applied. Heated appliances can be used in exactly the same way as you would do with your own hair.

Can I change my hair colour while wearing Hair Extensions?
If you desire a colour change, you should have your hair coloured before applying Extensions. Real Hair can be coloured but is best done before applied to the head as the colour could take in varying levels.

Can I colour or relax my hair while wearing Hair Extensions?
Yes, you can retouch new growth with colour and/or relaxer while wearing extensions. If a full relaxer is needed, it should be applied before the extensions.

Can I use my Hair Products?
A range of hair products has been specially formulated for Real Hair, to cleanse condition, detangle and give shine. They are pH balanced and are excellent for natural hair as well. AD HAIR in Poole, Dorset will introduce you to the daily care required. There are some products which should not be used on Real hair extensions and you will be advised of these with your aftercare instructions.

Hairy questions:

Will Extensions damage my hair?
No! When correctly applied and removed, extensions will not cause damage to your natural hair. Your natural hair been protected by the extensions and can be in a better condition then before.

What if some of the Extensions come out?
If any of your hair extensions come out AD HAIR in Poole, Dorset will be pleased to replace these free of charge within the first 3 weeks.

Will my hair come out when the Extensions are removed?
When you wear Extensions, the hairs you normally lose stay trapped in the extension and do not fall out or brush out each day. Therefore, when you see some of your hair coming out with the extension, do not panic.

How do I take the Extensions out?
It is best if AD HAIR removes them for you with their specialist tools.


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