Transformation Connections Micro Rings Hair Extensions
Connector Tool Transformation Connections Micro Rings Hair Extensions

attaching Micro Rings Hair Extensions
Transformation Connections Micro Rings Hair Extensions to Afro Hair
Transformation Connections Micro Rings Hair Extensions to Afro Hair

Transformation Connections

the Ultimate Micro Ring Hair Extensions

TRANSFORMATION CONNECTIONS (Ultimate Micro Ring Hair Extensions) offer a stunning natural look; your hair extensions will be invisible from your natural hair. My innovative application method ensures hair is flat at the root, so you see no bulky bonds, wefts or plaits just beautiful hair.

Transformation Connections come in a wide range of natural and mixed shades. Enhance your hair colour by using the Connections for highlights and lowlights. Get the hair you want without chemicals.

I use only the finest quality Euro Remy cuticle hair so your extensions retain their natural shine and colour. Your hair will not matt or tangle.

The hair can be re-used for up to a year.



Transformation Connections are applied to your natural hair without the use of glue, heat, weaving or plaiting. The hair and application connection are built into one streamlined design. Your natural hair is simply drawn through the connection at the top of the hair extension and the connection is closed over your natural hair with professional tools. Your natural hair is enclosed and cushioned within the extension without any damage to your natural hair. The amount of your natural hair within the transformation connection is in exact proportion to the hair on the transformation connection.

Your hair is never weighed down and there is no strain or tension to the root of your natural hair. Other hair extension applications systems can cause damage to natural hair during both application and removal.

Transformation Connections are removed without the use of harmful chemicals. Professional tools are used to open the connection and the hair extensions are simply removed from your hair.

Finally you can have the hair you want without damaging natural hair.



With regular maintenance visits Transformation Connections can be re-applied up to three times in one year after the first application.

Other hair extension applications techniques require new hair extensions for every application which can be costly.

Instead choose Transformation Connections the affordable luxury.

Transformation Connections are available in 4 different hair types:
Straight, Natural Body, Supreme Virgin and Natural Wave. They are available in Small and Medium Connections. There are 51 beautiful colours to choose from and the extensions can be styled over and over again. AD HAIR in Poole, Dorset mixes shades of hair to perfectly match your own hair colour producing natural looking styles.


Ad-Hair will provide a free sample of aftercare products, which include both shampoo and conditioner and a brush with every full head of extensions for new customers, together with full instructions on how to maintain your hair for optimum results. Bonded, Pre Bonded and Transformation Connections can all be styled with curling tongs, heated rollers, straighteners or hairdryer.


Hair extensions are not only for extending your hair

They can be used to thicken up thin hair and also for adding highlights and lowlights to your hair style without chemicals. Hair Extensions don’t restrict you in any lifestyle activity; you can still swim and play sport with total confidence.


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